Battlemonger MMO!

2010-07-28 20:16:44 by Jephz

I am now working with a team on a project called "Battlemonger Online". Its a MMO made in Flash, with real 3D Visuals.

You can check out its progress here: Battle Monger



2010-06-11 20:15:11 by Jephz

Its been a awhile since I've been active on NG, but I'm back. I've been working on two main Flash projects, will keep you guys posted soon.

in the meantime, [Drums Of War] my newest beat is out.


Yo Newgrounders! I read all of your comments, and this is my newest masterpiece. HurriKing is now in the A-Portal for listening! Please vote and comment! Peace.


New Music Is Out!

2008-02-18 17:58:19 by Jephz

Yo people, I'm finished with my newest loop, The Garden of Eden. Check it out at /124893 or just click on the link on my userpage.